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New Venture Financing Rounds
With this papers, we in comparison the accessibility to unique variations of loans solutions to deal with the challenge of funds availability to entrepreneurial propensity and we also scrutinise the effect of economic expenses by utilising a completely new composite list by using info from the World Bank’s Doing Business Database. The availability of a couple of varieties of loans providers was analysed: regular financial debt loans, project cash finance, and casual ventures. The study’s findings show that only informal investments have statistically significant effect on entrepreneurial propensity. Regulatory online business prices had been identified to deter possibility powered entrepreneurship, but had no influence over must entrepreneurship.
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The writers would wish to give thanks to individuals with the second GEM Research Conference kept in Hungary in April 2005 for handy responses. Our company is also thankful to the anonymous referee for practical and in-depth feedback leading to the current release in the pieces of paper.
Author information
Entrepreneurship Centre, National University of Singapore, Singapore, Singapore
Yuen-Ping Ho & Poh-Kam Wong
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Correspondence to Yuen-Ping Ho.
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Final type acknowledged on October 2006.
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